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Barbara Dorger was born Barbara Osborn August 1944 in Stockton, California. She started with UAL in 1964 as the youngest in her class. Her assignments were:
Chicago – 1964-66 Miami – 1966-67
Denver – 1967-68 Newark – 1968-69
San Francisco – 1969-76 Denver – 1976-78
Chicago – 1978-79 Los Angeles – 1979-84
Washington DC – 1984-92 Denver – 1992-94
Los Angeles (International) – 1994-2003
Aircraft flown: DC-6, Viscount, Caravelle, B-720, DC-8, B-727, DC-8 Stretch, B727 Stretch, B737, B747-200, DC-10, B-757, B-767, A319/320, B-747-400, B-777.
She retired June 30, 2003 with 39 years of flying. She is the author of Turbulent Skies which describes the highs and lows of her career as a flight attendant. As a keynote speaker, she has lectured about the 9/11 attacks at two “Clipped Wings” events for retired flight attendants. Her articles published on (under pen name “gg baba”) have drawn over 75,000 reads.
She married Mitch Dorger in 1968 and has two children — Scot and Trinity — and four grandchildren.